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I was inspired to begin NGQ from watching my mother - a lifelong business woman and sexy silver-haired lady - struggle to find well-made clothes that were elegant but trendy. Major fashion brands don’t cater to her size (a mere size 16, one up from the national average) and it's demoralising for her not to find something that makes her feel and look amazing. Add this to the ageist marketing practices of the fashion industry, where anyone over the age of thirty is made to feel invisible, and I had a niche to fill.

Therefore all NGQ designs are aimed at providing styles that women of all ages will feel glamorous but comfortable in. Our fabrics and colours reflect the latest trends but are in styles that can be worn over and over again for years to come. An important cornerstone of this aim is quality: you will find that each piece is constructed in fabrics and finishes that are meant to last, with small details that elevate our clothing, from uber-luxurious linings to hidden elastics that make the fit just right.

We believe in investing in our beautiful country and so manufacture locally with a team experienced in prestige brand apparel. This brings us peace of mind during our manufacturing process that the dignity of our labour is respected and that we develop clothes with consciousness.

Our capsule collection is in a premium price range but we hope you appreciate our focus on quality clothes with beautiful finishes made through an ethical manufacturing process. We feel it's important to change the reductive behaviour of the fashion industry and this is just one small way we hope to help improve it.

And we won't stop there. Not Going Quietly’s ultimate goal is to work with locally produced African fabrics, recycled materials and have a completely eco-conscious business practice.

If you would like to know more about our NGQ world, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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